Wednesday, 01 February 2017

7 Exercises Runners can perform at Home to Increase Performance

Improving your running performance doesn’t necessarily require you to run always. One fact is, running alone is not enough to improve your speed and endurance. To become a successful runner, you will need to perform a variety of strength training exercises regularly. Luckily, these exercises don’t require getting outside or using any expensive equipment.

If you are looking for a way to maximize your performance, here are some tips.

Seven exercises runners can do at home

1. Reverse lunges

This workout targets your gluteus, hamstrings, calves and even core muscles to improve your endurance and muscle strength when running. To perform reverse lunges, start in a standing position with your feet close together. Take one step backward with your right foot. Lower your left thigh until it is parallel to the ground and knees over your ankle. Get back to where you started and repeat for the other leg. Alternate aiming for 20 repetitions.

2. Single leg squat

Single leg squat seeks to build your quadriceps, calves as well as hamstrings. To perform single leg squat, get near a pole or an object you can hold with both your hands for support. Raise your right leg and straighten it into the air until it achieves 90 degrees with your left leg. Using the pole as a support, lower yourself as much as you can by bending your left knee. Pose for two seconds then up. Aim for two sets of 10 repetitions for each leg.

3. Squat thrust climbers

This workout targets your gluteus maximus, quadriceps as well as hamstrings with the aim of increasing your muscle endurance. To perform squat thrust climbers, Stand and bring both your feet together. Squat with your knees close to each other and place both your palms flat on the floor and widened shoulder distance apart. Tighten your abs and then jump both your legs back to get into a plank position. For 10 seconds step back and forth bringing your knees close to your chest in an alternating motion just like you would do when running. Relax and then repeat three times.

4. Pup Plank

Pup Plank aims to increase endurance and strength of your back, shoulders, and core, abs as well as arm muscles. To perform plank pups, Begin in a plank. Lower your left forearm by bending your left elbow. Next, lower your right forearm by bending your right elbow. Lift your left elbow to straighten your arm with your left palm flat on the ground. Do the same with your right arm. Repeat these steps for one minute.

5. Bridge

Bridge exercises target your abdominal, hips, lower back as well butt muscles. To perform bridge, lie down with your back flat on the floor and with your hands along your sides. The space between your knees should be shoulder-width distance. Bend your knees and push your hips off the ground using your heels and hold for one second then back. While doing this ensure that your back is not arched. Repeat as much as you can.

6. Curtsy lunge hop

This exercise is best for strengthening your calves, quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteus as well as the hip abductor. It also increases the mobility of your leg muscles. To perform Curtsy Lunge Hop, start in a standing position and create a hip-distance between your feet. Move your right leg behind and to your left side to cross your thighs and bend both your knees at the same time just like you would do when curtsying. Return to your initial position and then repeat 10 to 15 times. When done, change the other leg.

7. Lateral speed runners

This workout targets your hip abductors and core muscles to increase your speed when running. To perform Lateral speed runners, stand with your feet hip-distance apart and place your arms at your sides. Hop to your left and land on your left foot. Raise your right foot behind your left leg to get into a running stance. Repeat the same steps while hoping to your right. While doing this, try concentrating on your speed as well as balance.


As a runner, you need to continuously build your muscle strength, work on your speed and improve your flexibility to continue performing. While jogging can help you achieve that, you won’t enjoy getting outside more often. To exercise consistently, you need to create a workout routine that includes strength training and endurance exercises you can easily perform at home. If you are searching for runner’s exercises to include in your home workout routine, these seven workouts will do. Most athletes nowadays implement yoga into their training routines. Here’s the link to Yogaburn reviews. Happy running!